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  1. amgegg

    4/9 vs Brewers Game Discussion

    Mikolas with another bomb... Calling it. lol.
  2. amgegg

    Off Season Changes

    Who should stay and who should go? Honestly, defense and goaltending was the biggest factor this season. Our offense went through a pretty bad slump, but there were a lot of I injuries that attributed to that. Our defense has been pretty atrocious on special teams and in general. Allen had his usual ups and downs, so did Hutton. But Hutton seemed a little more consistent. I think offensively we basically have a 1st line and 2 3rd lines and 4th line. We need a true second line. Who Id like to see go: Steen, Bowmeester, Sobotka, Allen, Gunnarson.
  3. amgegg

    The Masters

    Anyone in here watching the masters? How did you think Tiger played in his first round? Who do you think will win?
  4. amgegg

    Blues Blow Another Lead

    The Blues blow ANOTHER lead. Up 3-1. Give up a short handed goal. Again. Give up and another goal. Then give up game winner with 8.5 seconds left. At times players look desperate. Then sometimes there are players that don’t. What will it take to get some consistent play? They went on a six game win steak and looked like they were finding their stride. Now on a 4 game losing streak during a playoff push. Which I can’t even call it that because there doesn’t seem to be a push. Thoughts?
  5. amgegg

    4/3 Cardinals vs Brewers Game Discussion

    Ummmm why did Matheny leave in a guy who was at 27 pitches, who just gave up a bomb to tie the game, who is a lefty, pitching to Braun? 🤔
  6. Here is the projected lineup for tonight's game against the Sharks: Forwards Jaden Schwartz - Brayden Schenn - Vladimir Tarasenko Patrik Berglund - Kyle Brodziak - Alexander Steen Dmitrij Jaskin - Vladimir Sobotka - Tage Thompson Ivan Barbashev - Oskar Sundqvist - Chris Thorburn Defense Joel Edmundson - Alex Pietrangelo Vince Dunn - Colton Parayko Robert Bortuzzo - Jordan Schmaltz Goalie Jake Allen I'm not in the least bit mad about this. We have been playing some great hockey lately. Yeo said he wasn't going to change the lines and why should he? What is weird though, seeing Brodz on the 2nd line. I like it, but it's weird to see on paper. Let's see what that first line can do tonight. It seems like Tarasenko is getting some cleaner looks since his return. He had quite the stretch of not getting shots on goal, and it seems as though that could be changing. This was top line in the NHL for the first quarter of the season, before Schwartz got hurt. If I remember correctly, they were a combined +56 or something outrageous like that. If they can get hot like that again, watch out everyone else. I'm not going to forget about Allen either. We've seen this before, Allen starts the season great, has a rough/terrible mid-season crash, comes back to dominate the end of the season. Now we all hate that mid-season crash, but none of that matters at this moment. We need to ride his high right now. Then let's talk about that mid-season issue during the offseason. Let's get this big win tonight and make it 6 in a row. We ended the Blue Jacket's 10 game win streak, let's end the Sharks 8 game win streak. LET'S GO BLUES.
  7. I think it's pretty ironic that I just saw the NHL update for a rule change on goalie interference, and earlier this morning, the NFL finalized the "Catch" rule.
  8. amgegg

    25-man roster as of today

    That's actually a pretty exciting lineup. MLB Network has us ranked as a top 10 power ranking.
  9. amgegg

    Are you on Instagram?

    https://www.instagram.com/gegg_media/ https://www.instagram.com/amgegg/
  10. July 14th, Twins of Evil, The Second Coming Tour comes to the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater. Consisting of Rob Zombie AND Marilyn Manson! I don't know about you, but I'm pretty excited for this show. Not only for the music, but for the people watching. I have seen Rob Zombie before, and the guy is a fantastic performer. He brings out all the stops, with huge props, awesome lighting, great visual effects, and of course, fire. He sounds amazing, and puts on a great overall show. He does, however, make a huge deal about people being on their phones recording and taking pics. I think this day and age, you just need to get over that. It sucks, but just deal with it. You can't stop people by cursing at them and putting them down for wanting to record a glimpse of a song by one of their favorite performers, who may not tour much longer. Now the people who record the whole darn show, that's annoying, and knock it off. Marilyn Manson is someone I have not seen live, but have been wanting to for a long time. I have heard great things about his shows. This guy just keeps putting out good music too. He recently released another album, "Heaven Upside Down", in 2017 with killer songs. What I love about Manson, is that he doesn't stray away from his sound. He doesn't try to change who he is. He has stuck with the same sound, and has absolutely killed it over his career. Granted he has changed minor things from album to album in order to keep up with the times, but overall, he still has the same deep, dark, rock persona. To see these two guys perform back to back on the same stage is going to be a treat. Rock legends. Who knows how many more years of touring these two will have. But let's be real, I'm just as excited for the people watching. Maybe even a little bit terrified. These two heavy headliners, are going to bring out the crazies. I'm ready for it. I wouldn't be able to embrace the full experience without the crazies!
  11. I just watched a replay of the Boston and Minnesota game in which there was a controversial call. The Minnesota goalie, Dubnyk, was on the left side of the goal when a Boston player ran him over. The puck made its way behind the goal then out to the right side of the goal to another Boston player, who then shot and scored. The Wild obviously wanted a no goal, goalie interference call. AND THEY GOT THE CALL. Id like to reference the game when the Blues played against Boston on Feb 2nd, and Krejci scored when Allen was interfered with and the goal stood. The ref’s explanation was that Allen should have made an attempt to get back to the crease and make the save. He didn’t because he was pushed out of the crease by two Boston players. But that was the refs ruling. Boston’s goal stood. The ref made a judgement call and decided Allen didn’t have a chance to stop the puck had he been able to get back to the crease. So not only did they make the cruel judgement that he should have attempted to make the save, they also said had he done that, he wouldn’t have been able to make the save. Very confusing. Well, tonight, we find Boston in the midst of controversy, AGAIN. But this time, they don’t get the goal. Apparently these refs thought Dubnyk could have made the save. I agree with the call, but it frustrates me. Have we found the new “Catch or No Catch” of the NHL? Are the NHL referees now in the business of deciding what goalies are able to make miraculous saves and what goalies aren’t? In my opinion, we see goalies make miraculous saves weekly if not daily. That’s what makes their job so amazing. But this year we seem to have witnessed a new trend of “Goal or Goalie Interference”. I’d just like to see some consistent calls again. I don’t want the NFL problem of “Catch or No Catch” in the NHL. Let’s not complicate the rule. Let’s not decide what goalies can and cannot do.
  12. amgegg

    Kolten Wong signed baseball

    Let’s go Cards! Arch City Media for the win!