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  1. After another poor performance Tuesday night, fans are becoming concerned with Weaver in the rotation. There's no doubt the Cardinals are deep when it comes to starting pitching. Fans have already got a taste of what right-hander Jack Flaherty can bring to the table. Austin Gomber, another minor league prospect, made a case for himself on Monday when he struck-out 16 batters in Memphis (AAA). In addition to Flaherty and Gomber, Alex Reyes is on-schedule to be activated from the DL on May 28th. So--what does this mean for Weaver? Read More---> http://www.archcity.media/2018/04/25/time-to-rethink-weaver/ Follow me on Twitter @BallparkBeef
  2. JPotter

    4/19 Cards vs Cubs Game Discussion

    Mentioned it on the Two Birds On A Bat podcast--this Cubs team is not playing good baseball to start the season. Couple flashes here and there in games, but overall..not good. Cardinals need to capitalize on it.
  3. JPotter

    4/19 Cards vs Cubs Game Discussion

    And there's the SB for Bader. 😁
  4. JPotter

    4/19 Cards vs Cubs Game Discussion

    Thankfully, I have the time to post on the discussion board for today's game against the Cubs. Keys to the Game (IMO): -Fowler has to find a way on-base. Thus far, he's collected 1 hit in 14 AB with 2 BB against LHP; so I am less than optimistic -Bader may be able to bail Fowler out though. In 2017 with the Cardinals, he hit .400 against LHP with (2) 2B and (2) HR. -Weaver continue to throw strikes. Each start he has improved his Strike% (54% to 61% to 64%). -Bullpen Efficiency: with Gregerson now available, and a couple off days this week, relievers should be ready to work the 7th-9th. Predictions: Cardinals 5, Cubs 3: WP- Weaver, LP- Lester, SV- Norris Bader: 2 for 4 with 2 XBH and SB Ozuna: 1 for 4 with HR DeJong: 1 for 4 with HR and (1) K Weaver: 5.2 IP | 6 H | 2 ER | 1 BB | 6K | 60% Strikes
  5. JPotter

    4/14 Cards vs Reds Game Discussion

    Pham needs to stay in the lead-off spot. Move everyone up in the lineup and set Fowler in the 6-hole. So it looks like this: Pham (CF), Carp (3B), Ozuna (LF), Martinez (1B), Molina (C), Fowler (RF), DeJong (SS), Wong (2B).
  6. Attention Cardinal fans! Tomorrow the Two Birds On A Bat podcast will be recording their second LIVE show of the season at Paddy O's in Downtown St. Louis. Come on down and pregame with us from 11am to 12pm! Check out the article below for more details and how you could win one of the MULTIPLE grand-prizes! http://www.archcity.media/2018/04/06/pregame-at-paddy-os-tomorrow/
  7. JPotter

    4/3 Cardinals vs Brewers Game Discussion

    Leone is not a lefty. Matheny shouldn't have used Leone in the 8th to clean up Lyons' mess. There's no viable excuse why he didn't use Mayers or Tui...or really Norris (other than he pitched yesterday--12 pitches *eye roll*). Hicks pitched 2 days in a row..and from what I heard his avg velo dropped 2mph from day 1 to day 2. So I agree with Mike on not bringing him in. In the end, that was a team loss. Leone served some pitches up to good hitters. Lyons got knocked around and made things difficult. The entire offense was on auto-pilot after the 3rd inning. And Mike made some poor choices with expecting a 5-out save and questionable double switches.
  8. JPotter

    4/3 Cardinals vs Brewers Game Discussion

    you must be a little behind.
  9. JPotter

    4/3 Cardinals vs Brewers Game Discussion

    Night likely over Sir Flaherty. If so-- 5 IP | 6 H | 1 ER | 1 BB | 9 K..and in line to get the win.
  10. JPotter

    4/3 Cardinals vs Brewers Game Discussion

    Flaherty is carving up these Brewers like a Thanksgiving turkey. Looks like I should have guessed more than 7K...he's already there after 3 IP
  11. JPotter

    4/3 Cardinals vs Brewers Game Discussion

    Manny Pina chugging around the bases like Manny Ramirez..gunned down by Pham. Another solid inning from Flaherty
  12. JPotter

    4/3 Cardinals vs Brewers Game Discussion

    Flaherty looking sharp early-on. Executed his 2-strike pitches very well and attacked hitters.
  13. JPotter

    4/3 Cardinals vs Brewers Game Discussion

    Left blinker J-Mart, left blinker--way to continue the on-base streak. Awesome first inning from the Cardinal hitters...hard contact early and often boys
  14. JPotter

    4/3 Cardinals vs Brewers Game Discussion

    Yesterday I mentioned Fowler busting out of his slump early with a 1st pitch dinger....1-game too early.
  15. JPotter

    4/3 Cardinals vs Brewers Game Discussion

    Yeah, Flaherty will be ok though. He'll be a nice swing man--I really don't think Waino will stay healthy all season. That's why I think he's going to do so well, he knows his fate already. I agree with Hicks and the Cardinals may score more than 7 at this rate (lol)