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  1. "The Wave"

    Once in a generation, we are able to see him' or 'her'. We are able to see that person execute the craft that has made them famous. The 1995-96 Blues season memory is Steve Yzerman blasting on pasting on past Jon Casey.  How quickly we forget that for a half season we had Wayne Gretzky and Brett Hull playing together.  The end of that season ended the magic and made us forget the magic we were able to share.

    The Cardinals lost the 2005 NLCS to Houston, but the home run Albert Pujols hit against Brad Lidge may have been mistaken for a meteor shower this weekend. Had we found a way to win, that home run becomes one of the five greatest ever in Cardinals history, surpassing Jack Clark's home run 20 years earlier.

    Tiger Woods knew that he could not win the PGA Championship while golfing the 72nd hole.  But he had completed a remarkable feat: his best effort in nearly a decade.  He knew it, and the overflowing crowd knew it.  St.Louis is well aware to applaud for greatness even when done against them (KenGrifferyJr's 500th home run) and my take on Tiger's demeanor was "I did it".  I t was true enough that he did not win, but he knows that any golfer can put a superior effort and win a tournament, just as Brooks Koepka did. But after nailing the put on 18, you saw a glimpse of the 2002 Tiger, the stare, the focus.  Then, as he knew it had ended, he gave back by several wave and lifting of the club.  What a moment!! Not a single person there or on TV will forget that moment.  Tiger Woods is back and ready toresume "The Chase". St.Louis hit a home run and they recognized greatness, not just in Tiger, but all the pros.