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  1. Well who won some money on betting there would be another Terminator film? While only rumored for a while, it was officially announced earlier this week that Terminator 6 was given the green-light to start production, which is around June of this year. Read more: http://www.archcity.media/2018/03/17/terminator-6-has-the-green-light-familiar-faces-returning/
  2. 2017 saw a massive shakeup for many television series and films in terms of their actors/actresses being accused of sexual harassment claims. The Netflix Original Series The Ranch was no exception. Danny Masterson (That 70's Show), plays Kutcher's older brother Rooster on show, was fired by Netflix late last year due to sexual harassment claims against him. Read more: http://www.archcity.media/2018/03/17/dax-shepard-picked-up-for-the-netflix-series-the-ranch/
  3. It’s a game that has taken over people’s lives for both the Xbox and Playstation; a popular free-to-play game that uses nearly similar mechanics like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite pits literally 100 players against one another in a free-for-all fight on a massive island. Read more: http://www.archcity.media/2018/03/16/fortnite-mobile-is-crashing-and-burning/